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Bons exemplos (103) – De Espanha pode vir bom vento e até bom casamento

«Mariano Rajoy, Spain’s prime minister, ought to be feeling upbeat about the chance of regaining power at the country’s general election later this year. When his centre-right Popular party won office in 2011, Spain was widely seen as the eurozone member whose troubles were most likely to shatter the single currency. Today, it is one of the fastest growing economies in the bloc, with growth projected to be more than 3 per cent this year. As the Greek drama has twisted and turned this year, the Rajoy government has looked on with a degree of serenity that would once have seemed unimaginable.


But these risks on the horizon, while serious, should not detract from a positive assessment of what Spain has achieved in the past four years. The Rajoy government’s courageous economic reforms, helped by ECB action, have allowed Spain to defy the once widespread prediction that it would remain Europe’s economic laggard. Its turnround is a lesson — and not just for Greece — that remaining in the eurozone does not condemn a nation to economic failure.

«Spain’s reforms are a lesson for the eurozone», Financial Times

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