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The Second Coming: «The best lack all conviction, while the worst; Are full of passionate intensity» (W. B. Yeats)


CASE STUDY: Trumpologia (4) - Dealing with Don. Super, really excited, privileged and honoured

Mais trumpologia.

«The chief business of the American people is business,” said Calvin Coolidge, but it is a shock for corporate types that one of their own will soon inhabit the White House. Business leaders bashed Donald Trump during the election campaign, ridiculing his “stupid” policies. Now the tables are turned; big American companies have come under attack for manufacturing abroad. Business is currying favour: earlier this month, corporate pragmatism was on full view as technology-industry leaders (many of whom had backed Hillary Clinton) met the president-elect at Trump Tower and declared themselves “super-excited” (Amazon’s Jeff Bezos), “really excited” (Elon Musk of Tesla) and “privileged and honoured to even be here” (Oracle’s Safra Catz). True, business is overjoyed at Mr Trump’s promises of deregulation, corporate-tax reform and economic stimulus through infrastructure spending. But uncertainty over whether those boosts will be accompanied by protectionism will hold back corporate investment in 2017—though few bosses will dare admit it

Lido no Economist Espresso 28-12-2016

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